Friday, 26 August 2016

Cross Country

On friday we had cross country and the whole school was there also it had to go from year 1’s to 8’s and.Before we started we  had to listen to Mr Burt for some instructions and we had to. Follow some year 7’s also when Mr Burt slammed  two boards at a time then we had to run we also had to run around the cone’s and some people from spark and some teachers from our school also when people falls.Then others had to cheer for them.It was a fantastic and it was a sunny day.

When it was time for team 4 to walk to the starting line I was very nervous because I mate come last.Because last year I came last but I tried my best at the race I was lucky that I didn’t break my hamstring like derek.I was not nervous anymore because I was very brave.Also I was proud of Hikianalia because they tried there and I was in team yellow and when I almost made it to the finish line I felt more like a champion because people were cheering for me.

In the middle there is a photo of me and on.The top left photo is a

there is a photo of me and my BFF called Jordin kimiora she is my best friend in the world.Also on the right there is a photo of Mr Burt doing a speech so that we could all know what to do also on the left right bottom there is a photo of the Sausage Sizzle people and some.Other people taking their orders.

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  1. Hi Efe-Lata maybe next time you post you can read it again beacuse you have been adding full stop in the wrong place.But the whole story is great.Keep up the great work.