Thursday, 22 September 2016

My Holiday

In the Holidays I am going to do some staff for my nana's stone because she past away.Also I have to  practice  a song for her before her stone is done.Also I have to practice another song and it is called just an illusion.It is a good song also my other song it called Dyeing Day by Alo Key.

Comic Strip

We  used Onomatopoeia to make a Comic Strip.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Miss Scanlan

Hello and my name is Efe-Lata and I have a nice teacher named Miss Scanlan and she is 23 years old  she is also a clear teacher.

My favorite songs

Let me love you by Justin bieber

                                        cold water by justin bieber                                              

Bag Bay

Bag bay

           before        an          after
    before             an               After              

About Blogging

Hello My name is Efe-Lata and I like to blog  and write it is so fun to do I also like to blog about my favorite music and it is called let me love you  by justin bieber.

My family

My family is amazing because together we work we celebrate we crater and the last thing is  that we will always  remeber a speacil lady to our lives Illisapesi Namoa V'eehala .

Thursday, 8 September 2016

My Library book

When I got  my Library book I first read it and then I thought that it was just right for me i really liked it.So when I first got it I thought that I should write about it because it is the last they.

My weekend

In the weekends I went to the beach and we saw three dolphins and there were  two baby and  one  big mummy dolphin and there was a.Big yacht coming towards them and then they all done a flip.Then all the people on there boats and sails were going in for a closer look and then all the dolphins turned back to come back to the shore.It was so so cool and then we went to get some KFC and when then we went to a park that had lots of flowers and steps also there was a big pool after we ate we.Went to Kiwio that had lots of ice-cream flavores and mango was my favorite because it was  really cold I got a brain freeze after that we got to take photos on there T.V it was cool then we got to have another bowl it was full of candy.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Jack & Jill

Once upon a time there were two twins name Jack & Jill and they lived in a world full of girls and.When they're  parents died they had to move into their grandparents house also.Their parents died in 2009 when Jack & Jill  where baby.Also Jack & Jill parents died because off giant bunnies the giant bunnies ate them alive and their blood spread all around the city.

When Jack & Jill went to school they looked out the window and there was a giant bunny standing on some nice  house’s also  little kids,baby as well  when the bunny saw a.Man in orange he ate him because he thought that he was a  carrot.

But when  Jack & Jill  saw the bunny they had a potion and when the bunny opened his mouth Jack & Jill throw the potion into it mouth and then the bunny shrinked.