Monday, 7 December 2015

A time to give

Today I saw an ad about a boy who couldn't wait for Christmas he woke up and went to box number fifteen and got and got a circle chocolate.then he looked at number 24 and he got so frustrated. After that he got a yellow ball and played passing with it.he looked  at the clock.then he was sitting on the chair and he was spinning around.on his brother was dreesed up as a gruffalo then he looked at the  time again after that he got frustrated again. Then he looked outside and even at night then he tried to make. The time go fast but it didn't.then he do frustrated and and it was morning. It started to snow after that he was banging his legs on the floor softy after that his dad stopped him.after that they had dinner and then he ran upstairs and went to sleep early so that he cold wake up and give his mum and dads present.and I was surprised that he didn't open his presents I would like to give my mum and dad a new car.