Friday, 6 November 2015

Theres one in the bush


  1. I like my own class's own performance at the assembly it was so nice of us to do a performance of dinosaurs.

  2. Efe-Lata
    Thank you for making my day! It has been a long week at School throughout New Zealand and I was looking for something to cheer me up and make me happy and your video has really done that. I like how everyone in your class looks like they are enjoying themselves and I also like how the crowd that are watching are enjoying it because you can hear them cheering and enjoying the show as it is being preformed. Thank you. What did you enjoy the most?
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

    1. wow this is so cool such a good class you have here Efe-lata you guys are one team alright! hahaha glad to see you building your confidence performing in front of your whole school. Keep it up Lata

    2. Wow Efe-Lata this is so so cool I think in your learning I already think your Smart your realy fantastic And always keep up your great work