Thursday, 22 September 2016

My Holiday

In the Holidays I am going to do some staff for my nana's stone because she past away.Also I have to  practice  a song for her before her stone is done.Also I have to practice another song and it is called just an illusion.It is a good song also my other song it called Dyeing Day by Alo Key.


  1. Hi Efe-lata I am very sorry for your nena I hope your all right efe.

  2. Hi Efe-lata I am verey sorry about your nana but I hope that you are ok.You are really nice to do a song for your nana.I love your picture its like you are a artites.make sure that you try your best and keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Efe-lata sorry for your nena but i really hope your all right and that your nena is a very nice nena but sorry for your nena and also keepon blogging and keep the good work up because you are doing really good and getting more better and also blog more and i hope you are really really all right.