Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Jack & Jill

Once upon a time there were two twins name Jack & Jill and they lived in a world full of girls and.When they're  parents died they had to move into their grandparents house also.Their parents died in 2009 when Jack & Jill  where baby.Also Jack & Jill parents died because off giant bunnies the giant bunnies ate them alive and their blood spread all around the city.

When Jack & Jill went to school they looked out the window and there was a giant bunny standing on some nice  house’s also  little kids,baby as well  when the bunny saw a.Man in orange he ate him because he thought that he was a  carrot.

But when  Jack & Jill  saw the bunny they had a potion and when the bunny opened his mouth Jack & Jill throw the potion into it mouth and then the bunny shrinked.

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