Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Ancient Olympics

The first Ancient Olympic game took place about three  thousand years ago in olympia grace the game was held to honor zeuz.Of the god’s and they happened every four  years.In the begging the games where just short running race’s for greece  men to keep fit for war.There was only one winner and the winner got a crown of oliv  leaves over times aother events were added like horse race’s and boxing.Over one hundred year’s the ancient olympics were banned by the quetiten’s the anicent olympics will always remember for hope and peace.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Sky Tower

The Auckland Sky Tower is in the city.It is also halfway to Miss Scanlan’s house.The Sky Tower is also close to the harbour bridge.

The Sky Tower looks like it is almost touching the sky.Also it looks like a ring around it just like saturn's ring.Also it is the tallest building in NZ.

You could parashot of the Tower and go there for breakfast.Also you could go there for dinner or Christmas day.Or you could Skywalk or Sky jump from the very top off the Sky Tower.

The Sky Tower glow colours to celebrate something important like for the Auckland Blues or the holiday’s, charitie’s or  event’s.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Dream Bedroom

Art gallery

The art gallery was in the school hall.My art work was there with my friends.

I liked room nineteen’s one because it had my favourite insect.My other one was the big boat.

I felt  happy because we got to take photos next to our own art and we got to go and look.In other kid’s book’s that were on the tables.