Thursday, 11 August 2016

Katinka Houzzu is a Champion

I am Katinka Hosszu and I am a fast swimmer also I won the world's record and I am married to my coach.Also I came first and got a gold medal I love swimming and I am from Hungary it is almost like i'm hungry.I have brown eyes,brown, hair and I am the fastest female  at swimming  and I am strong also I have a tan I also.Have togs,cap,goggle’s.

I felt nervous and scared before the race.But during the race I  didn't feel nervous
any  more. I felt like a champion and the style of my swimming was diveing and cart wheel diveing.

I felt more like a champion,proud and I am also happy that I made my own world proud.Of me I am so Impressed off me and my husband also I am more proud of my husband for traning me.I am so happy and amzed because I am so so happy.


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