Friday, 26 May 2017

Swimming planing and writing temple

First of all we have to wash our own togs in the weekends and then bring it into school every tuesdays  and then sometimes when we go to swimming at 12:30-1:00.After swimming I have to get out of the pools and sit on the bench until it is my turn to go and change.after when we get changed we have to go and put on our shoes and then line up and when we finished we have to  line up then Mrs Buchanan  always has to put a back leader and his name is Izaiah.When we get to class   we do our maths work and well Mrs Buchanan is working with another class and when we finished our work  we have to listen to Mrs buchanans instructions she tells us to put our chromebooks away.Then get our lunch  out of our bags and go to the mat and eat well were watching the news  and when we have finished  our lunch we go and play and when we get back from our play time we have to line up outside and wait until Mrs buchanan gets  from her lunch break then when we get inside we have to do more and more work until it is almost time to go home.Then when it is almost  3:00 we get our bags and then sit on the mat and then wait until the bell rings then when the bell rings we have to say good  afternoon Mrs buchanan and  Miss west then we get to go home the end.

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  1. Mālō e lelei, Efe-Lata! Yes, the days were very busy when we went to the pools, especially when it was over lunchtime. Can you tell us what you learnt from the instructors while you were at the pools, Efe-Lata? We would love to read about it.