Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Te-Tuhi art gallery

Today we went to te tuhi and when we got of the bus we all walked to Miss Scanlan  and when we got to Miss scanlan we all had to go in a line like a snake and then we all went inside and sat down. Also when we all walked in there was something that was just like a volcano and it also exploded but it was fog. It also smelled like syrup. And then Miss Garden introduced Jeremy and then he just had to tell us some rules. Then we had to go in anther line and we all walked down to an art room and Jeremy told us to go to a table that has a cardborad. Then after he told that we to build a dream bedroom out of shapes. Then we got back into a line and we went to the art gallery. It was fun. Then I got to make a robot.

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  1. I have some pictures of you at the gallery. I will share them with you so you can put one on your blog.