Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Egg and spoon race

First we went on the field and we played egg and spoon race . And we played egg and spoon  game and why we did it because so that. We would be able to write it on to our iPads and put it on our blog. And when I was a year two I played the spoon and egg game and the weather was sunny.

in the race we got split into groups and we pretend that the tens balls were our egg and when mr Blakey said go then we go and we put one hand at the back and one hand holding the egg and we had to balance in. Front when they come back they hand the tens ball to the nather person then it's their turn to do the same thing I was excited and the weather was all sunny.and I do not know if we won or not.

And I liked the race. we did not race the same way because some kids went fast and some toke there time so they toke there time so they will not crack there pretending egg and I wished if we would do it again.

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